Certified Translation Services

At Workplace Translation Ltd we understand that to communicate effectively with clients, customers and contacts around the world, you need an efficient translation service you can rely on. We offer a range of translation and certified translation services, including website localisation and transcriptions.

We were established over five years ago and are based in West Yorkshire, offering our dynamic translation services to businesses and individuals throughout the UK. We take pride in our committed approach to all of our translation services, ensuring excellent results every time and that each project is delivered both on schedule and within budget.

Our certified translation services have been created to translate official documents of every type into any language. A certified translation is simply the translation of a document which may be required for official purposes by an organisation; documents that may fall into this category include: insurance documents, official transcripts of work records or medical reports, legal contracts or immigration documents. Only our most highly qualified and skilled linguists work on our certified translation services, ensuring documents comply with the relevant legal or regulatory requirements.

Simple and quick to use, our certified translation services ensure high quality results every time. Documents can be scanned and then sent to us by email; we’ll aim to respond with a quotation within half an hour during office hours and within two hours during evenings or weekends. Once payment has been received, we’ll complete your translation and post it back to you. With prices starting from as little at £30 plus VAT for a simple, one page certified translation, our document translation services offer accuracy and reliability at a great value price.

At Workplace Translation Ltd we have the skills and expertise to translate documents of all kinds including brochures, technical manuals, packaging, health and safety documentation, training information and marketing literature. We will ensure that your translation project is carried out to meet your exact requirements, delivering work that is accurately presented and reflects your corporate identity. We assign a project manager to every document translation project, no matter how small, as this is the best way to ensure an accurate and efficient translation. Our experienced team of linguists can work with any type of Microsoft Office file plus many other file formats. To create perfect translations each and every time, we also utilise the latest translation aid software.

Our website localisation service provides a reliable and effective way to translate your website into another language, and/or to make any changes that may be necessary for users of your site in another country or culture. Website localisation is essential if your website is to be viewed around the world and our team of experienced linguists have the relevant technical skills to ensure your website is translated accurately.

At Workplace Translation Ltd we also offer transcription services which can be used to translate the spoken word from any media (for example film) into any other language. We often carry out transcriptions with timings so that any subsequent voice over or subtitling is completely accurate and, should the transcription need to be translated, we will also include directions and narration to enable non-English speaking voiceover artists to understand the content.

Our transcription services can also be used to translate the transcription into any language whilst also preserving timings and direction. If required, our team has the skills to create accurate subtitles in almost any language using the latest software. We also work with partners who can supply the services of the very best voiceover artists with translation skills in virtually any language.

If you are looking for accurate and reliable translation services you can rely on, why not get in touch with us at Workplace Translation Ltd? We have the skills and experience to offer a wide range of translation, transcription and certified translation services; our team of highly qualified linguists work with companies across all sectors of industry, offering efficient services for all your translation projects.