English Translation Services

Effective communication is essential for any successful business and at Workplace Translation Ltd we offer a range of foreign language to English translation services designed to offer reliable results at competitive prices.

We offer services such as website localisation, document translation and certified translation. With over five years of experience in English to foreign language to foreign language to English translation services, our diverse and knowledgeable team have the expertise to ensure that your translation project is delivered both on time and on budget.

We understand that many translation projects are required within tight deadlines which are why we assign a project manager to each task. We take pride in our committed, flexible approach to translation work and know that this is the best way to ensure projects achieve the best results.

Our range of English translation services includes a reliable and efficient document translation service. Our team of linguists have the expertise to translate documents of any type into any language including marketing literature, training information, employee handbooks, packaging, financial and legal information. We will translate your documents to your exact requirements and no matter how large or small the project, we’ll accurately present the work in a way that reflects and is compatible with your corporate identity. We can work with documents in any type of file format from Microsoft Office through to Adobe Indesign and to create perfect translations every time, we also use the latest tools including translation aid software and tag editors.

At Workplace Translation Ltd we also offer a reliable and accurate certified translation service. A certified translation is simply the translation of a document which may be required for official purposes; a wide variety of documents fall into this category including immigration documents, official transcripts of work or medical reports, insurance documents or regulatory documents such as contracts or power of attorney.

We only use our most experienced and highly qualified linguists for certified translation work; our team will translate your documents and return them promptly to you, ensuring that they have been translated to meet the relevant legal or regulatory requirements.

Our website localisation service offers an effective way to translate your website into another language. Our team of translators have the relevant technical skills to make the required changes and our website localisation service also includes the facility to make adjustments to your site to adapt it to suit the needs or preferences of another culture.

Transcription services are the typing of the spoken word from media such as film. At Workplace Translation Ltd we offer a transcription service that can be carried out with timings to ensure that any subsequent voiceover is completely accurate. Should a transcription need to be translated, our team will include narration and direction to enable non English speaking voiceover artists to fully understand the context. If necessary we can then translate the transcription into any language, using the latest technology to add subtitles if required. Many clients prefer a voiceover to subtitles and we work some of the best voiceover artists who have the skills to create perfect voiceovers in almost any language.

Whether you’re looking for foreign language to English translation services or to translate English documents into any language, at Workplace Translations Ltd, our team of highly qualified linguists have experience of working with companies from every area of industry and business. We have the expertise and skills to provide specialist project management and translation services to meet your requirements – why not get in touch with us today for further details of our services?