Professional Translation Service

In order to be able to communicate effectively with clients, customers or contacts abroad, finding a reliable and accurate professional translation service is essential. At Workplace Translation Ltd we have over five years of experience in offering a range of high quality translation services for businesses and individuals.

Based in West Yorkshire, our professional translation services are available throughout the UK. We work with a team of highly experienced, skilled linguists to ensure that you receive the best and most efficient translation service. We know that your translation project requires results of the highest possible standards and our committed approach to translation ensures that every project is delivered both on time and on budget.

At Workplace Translation Ltd we have the language skills and experience to translate documents of every kind including training information, legal documents, financial documents, marketing literature and packaging. We carry out every document translation project – no matter how small – with great care and attention to detail to ensure that you receive the best results. Your work will be accurately presented, whilst being compatible and reflecting your corporate identity. We assign a project manager to every translation task and our team can work with any type of file from Microsoft Office to Adobe Indesign. We also use the latest translation aid software and tag editors.

Certified translations are the translations of the official documents that may be required by any organisation. Many different organisations require certified translations, including schools, colleges, universities and potential employers. Examples of documents which may need a certified translation include birth or death certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, immigration documents or official transcripts such as medical or work reports. At Workplace Translation we use only our most highly skilled and experienced linguists to carry out certified translations, ensuring the highest standards and translations that meet the relevant regulatory or legal requirements.

Our certified translation service is straightforward to use; simply scan and email your documents to us and we’ll aim to send you a quotation within half an hour during business hours and within two hours during evenings and weekends. Once your payment has been received, we’ll translate your document and post it to you; if we receive documents and payments before 11:00am we can usually post your documents back to you the same day. Our certified translation service offers excellent value for money and prices start as low £30 + VAT for a single page.

Transcription is the typing of the spoken word from media such as film and is essential for adapting promotional films and advertising. Our range of professional translation services includes a high quality transcription service. Our skilled team will produce the transcription with timings so that any subsequent subtitling or voiceover completely accurate and, should the transcription then require translation, we’ll include directions and narration to enable a non-English speaking voiceover artist to understand the context. If required we can also translate the transcription into any language and to create subtitles from the translated transcription. We can also create a voice over and work with some of the best voiceover artists to ensure good quality results.

At Workplace Translation Ltd we also offer a website localisation service, essential for translating or adapting your website so that it’s suitable for speakers or another language. Our skilled team have the relevant knowledge and expertise to ensure that your website is not only accurately translated – it looks great too!

No matter how large or small your translation requirements, at Workplace Translation Ltd we offer a range of high quality professional translation services. Why not contact our helpful team today for further information or to discuss your translation project requirements?