Transcription Services

Transcription – this is the typing of the spoken word from media – such as film etc.  Often the transcription is done with timings so that subsequent voice over or subtitling is 100% accurate.  Sometimes, if the transcription needs translation, then directions and narration need to be included, so that a non English speaking voiceover artist can understand the context.

Translation – then – if required – we can translate the transcription into any language- preserving any timings and direction.

Subtitling –  then – if required – we can use the latest software to create subtitles from the translated transcription.  We can do this quickly and efficiently in almost any language.

Voiceover – often instead of subtitles our clients want a voiceover.  Workplace Translation work with partners that can supply the very best voiceover artists working in almost any language.

Contact a member of our specialist team to see how Workplace Translation Ltd can assist you with any of your media transcription or translation requirements.